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The most valuable Jewellery Boxes and their heritage

Jewellery boxes were in common use as early as 5000BC in Ancient Egypt as the majority of Egyptians, male and female, wore Jewellery.   It is thought that, as the Jewellery was of great value, encrusted with previous gems, a safe storage Jewellery box or casket was required but one which reflected the beauty and value of its contents.   

Jewellery boxes, Jewellery caskets and trinket boxes have varied widely in appearance over the course of history and fast became as big a demonstration of wealth as the Jewellery itself with ornate styles and elaborate details commonly indicating outwardly the value of the items inside.

The most valuable Jewellery box?

In 2017, luxury goods company, Mouawuad, introduced the exquisite “flower of eternity” Jewellery coffer – a Jewellery box decorated with diamonds, gem stones and precious metals with a value of approx. £2.5million. 

Looking for a beautiful but affordable place to store Jewellery?

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