Radley Watches

When were wristwatches first introduced?

“Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters”

Two years into WW1, the wearing of wrist-watches by soldiers was made obligatory as the pocket watch was not seen as a practical way to precisely, and quickly, coordinate manoeuvres.

European soldiers were wearing wrist watches with unbreakable glass to survive the trenches and with radium to illuminate the display at night.


The idea of a wristwatch for men caught on as a fashion accessory after they recognised the practical benefits over a pocket watch, but not for up to a decade after the first wristwatch was created.


Radley Watches

The Radley brand first became famous in mid-1980s as part of a wave of new creative and expanded from their famous alternative, quality handbags to accessories including wristwatches which proved to be a popular addition to the range

As the range expands, Radley fans are able to choose from Ditzy Glitter Dog designs, Botanical flower watches, Bangle watches and many more, featuring, of course, the iconic Radley dog.

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